the "age matters!" project

The project »age matters!« has been developed by the UNICEF Regional Office for Central Eastern Europe and Commonwealth of Independent States (CEE/CIS) and Youth Policy Labs, who have been commissioned to do the data collection.

The project takes stock of existing age-related legal provisions for children, adolescents and youth in 70 domains. It does so for 22 countries and territories of the CEE/CIS region. The data is grouped in six thematic sections.

Civic and legal rights contains data on adolescents’ access to justice and in the criminal system, as well as the official age of majority and exceptions to this rule. It also presents various ages at which children have to be consulted in matters affecting them.

Political participation relates to children’s rights to participate in political life (ex. in dedicated children or youth organisations, general elections).

Social participation centres on minimum marriageable age and the age at which adolescents can consent to sexual activities.

Economic participation and education are merged, as they are closely related. The age until which school is mandatory has a strong connection to the age at which children can be legally employed. Other important age-related legislation in this field concerns the age at which children can become economically active on their own behalf and inherit.

Health relates to legislation that determines adolescents access to services and treatment. In this field we also look at minimum ages at which children can access alcohol and tobacco legally.

Safety, security and ICT presents data on the protection of children from involvement in conflicts, their protection in legal proceedings and their rights in the digital sphere.

You can explore the data by theme, or by country or get view on all data collected in the full table.