more on minimum ages

The »age matters!« project is one among several initiatives that collects data on and seeks to discuss age-related barriers. Within UNICEF, the organisation that has initiated this project, there are several other branches that look at minimum age legislation, and there are other organisations and bodies.

Within UNICEF one project looks specifically at age-related legislation in the field of HIV/ AIDS in a selected number of countries. More information will become available soon and will be linked here.

For Latin America and the Caribbean, the UNICEF Regional Office has commissioned a study on »Legal minimum ages and the realization of adolescents’ rights«. It looks at 6 different minimum ages in 18 countries of the region and discusses how they are interconnected.

For the European Union data on age-related legislation concerning both the child’s right to protection and to participation has been collected by the European Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA), which runs a project on minimum age requirements in the European Union.

At global level the Child Rights International Network (CRIN) has published a discussion paper on minimum ages called »Age is arbitrary«, which discusses the principles underlying age-related legislation. Read more about their discussions here.

Other organisations focus on one or few minimum ages specifically, such as the organisation Girls not brides, which advocates against the marriage of girls under the age of 18. The organisation Child Soldiers International lobbies specifically against the involvement of children in armed conflicts and other hostilities. The Right to Education project, hosted by several global civil society organisations, looks at how legal minimum ages may interfere with the right to education. The Fact Sheets on youth policy by also collect data on minimum ages in a selected number of policy fields.

Data on legal minimum ages across a number of fields is also collected by the World Policy Center. Another good, yet sometimes cumbersome, source for more detailed information on legal minimum ages for specific countries are the State Reports to the Committee on the Rights of the Child, which are also one source of information displayed on this site.